Tempel van Verwondering


Verwondering is als…

Een licht in het duister

een vonkje ontspringt en groeit met aandacht voor wat ooit ongezien was

Opeens herinner ik me dat ik op pad ben

Laat deze vonk eenmaal ontdekt een inspiratie zijn om de reis voort te zetten op avontuur te zijn

Jong en oud te zijn, verwonderd over het leven dat zich ontvouwd en versmelt met iedere stap die ik ben

Een baken van licht dat kan stralen als een ster in het duister wanneer ik durf te zien en me verwonder….


~Lotus Satyara~

@Dutch Yoga Festival Terschelling 2018



Dragon in the Woods

 Deep down in het forest rests a Dragon… with Tiger Eyes.

He lived a humble life since the day he grew up.

He felt he never fit in, and he din`t for he was laught at as a little dragon for his mother was a Tiger and he had inherited her eyes. His mom died after he was born. As a teenager he liked to visit the lake , he looked at himself  and when he took a close look,  the reflection of the lake reminded him of her beautifull being.

His father taught him to be a strong and loving Dragon, teaching him to fly, spit fire, dive deep and look down at things differently in every situation.


He learned to be happy with whatever there is… he was just… fine, medium, it was ok.

He enjoyed life on his own, still there was a small nameless feeling deep down in his Dragon heart….

One day there there was something in the air… he wasn`t sure i fit was going to rain or storm… But when he looked up there was no cloud in the sky and the butterflies where all around doing their daily butterfly things…, Clearly there wasn`t a reason  to worry.. so he fell a sleep on his favorite sunny rock…

Soon he woke up from the soft  noise of little bells tingling in the air, filling up the entire space with harmonic sounds. He opend his eyes… there was a small fairy sitting at the tip of his nose….


Cheeky she looked at him and said; I am Joy.

The have send me here for you have succeeded the test of beeing all.one ,from now on you`ll be to.gather….. The Dragon didn`t knew what to say…

He scratched his forehead and waved his tail. But Joy started to tell him wonderfull story`s and dreams of other worlds. He felt something new… curiosity it was called Joy said, and he expierenced more of it. As Joy explored his sunny rock and the world around, his lips curled and a smile light up his beeing.

She let him when he took a close look at Joy, and he saw… Tiger Eyes! As it where his own!

I believe you are magic, she said to him with a dreamy voice. Do you believe in Magic?


How this story ends?

….It`s up tot he dragon in you

And when your not sure?…

Close your eyes,  and take a close look, …you know



(Written with deep love and endless thankfulness to the fairy who brought me this creating invitation! Namaste)